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So, I can't blog about every awesome bit of music that comes my way so here is a direct link to great tunes as they present themselves to me.

I <3 elephants

Pretty fuckin good song by my friends over at Monsters of Folk. apparently this song was on gossip girl too which I havn't seen yet but all the better, gossip girl is the shit, and i respect the fact that they have a budget for a soundtrack awesome enough to include this song.

magic in the water. i love grace potter.

just wow.

He knows me so well.

Some blues for all you lonely souls out there on a Friday night. TGIFuck my life.

The tallest man on earth with the most unique sound. Someone introduced me to him recently, if it happens to be you, feel free to comment and take ful credit for my newfound love of this dude.

These sick country folk were in Fredericton recently and it just about broke my little heart not to be able to ship myself over there for the event. They've got me down on the floor. So catchy.

I owe this love to an englishman. I experienced the Damien Rice revelation, that is, that he's fucking amazing. Especially this song, it's my second favorite. Fuck you.

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