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dormy update

In 6 loong days I will be sitting in the sun. Until then I'm finding ways to amuse myself (having been very productive the last few days getting all essays finished). Tonight I cleaned my room, which reminded me that I did promise both of my readers a view of my dormy room once it got set up. Here it is.


little women

Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau. Over the past year this teeny ten year old high fashion model has been shocking people and prudes left and right. With piercing baby blues, pouty lips and that sunkissed I-was-just-at-the-beach look, the youngin is by every standard a beauty. That along with her talent has landed her loads of work modeling as an adult for Marc Jacobs, Jean-Paaul Gautier, Mui Mui and Vogue.

Call is exploitation, child pornography, obscene.. and she may be being denyed a natural and innocent childhood free of sexuality but the fact is, she is gorgeous, doing what she loves and there are millions of children with a hell of a lot more problems than future vanity complexes. Really.. who gets to say what's OK and what isn't? AT LEAST ITS CLASSIER THAN TODDLERS AND TIARAS!

What about 13 year old Elle Fanning in Vogue posing with a come hither look.. is this OK?

Or her slightly less beautiful but way more talented sister getting raped in Hounddog when she was only 12 and playing a ten year old. (PS. Great Movie)

See also (Movies): Maladolescenza(1977), Gardens in the Night(2011)


the shape of happy

Although it was a beakup that motivated me to change my life for the healthier.. I'm happy to say that I'm finally living for ME. Tomrrow is the dangerous Valentine's Day and I couldn't be more in love with life. It's true that when you finally stop searching for happiness and start enjoying life, that's what happiness is. I'm being really lame and not at all getting how I feel across, which is profoundly content. Maybe I will tell you why I'm happy/a few things I'm excited about  :)

1. Today my "Thunder Friend" sent me a huge box of crayons! <3

2. I'm playing Anne of Green Gables in a community production of Anne and Gilbert, with a great cast of people. :)

3. I've been accepted to an Honors visual art/art history program at the University of Windsor for this fall and will be heading south west :)

4. In 3 weeks I will be laying on a beautiful beach in Cuba with my lovely extended family! Can't wait:)
5. Probably most important to me, is the fact that I am in the best shape I've ever been in physically! I've kept up my gym routine for almost 3 months now, I dropped a size (and feel great) and most recently have made a major overhaul to what I eat. I even went skiing a couple of days ago (to keep up with my resolutions) and didn't feel sore the next day like usual!

It's really possible to feel great about yourself, with a little hard work.. but nothing that's easy is worth having ;)