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Since I'm now officially a comic book nerd, I made a trip to the comic shop in fredericton. I picked up a few gossipgirl-esque graphic novels to indulge in and also took a reccomendation from the clerk to read Zombies Calling. It's by a girl called Faith Erin Hicks from Halifax, NS... I love when I can support maritime artists! The novel is about a british-culture obssessed college girl and her roommates fighting for their lives in a zombie apocolyptic world! It's bloody good.
In other zombie news, the tv show (yes, I watch an embarssing amount of tv series online..) The Walking Dead.. aside from cheap "special" effects.. is a really decent zombie pass-time. A cop wakes from a coma to find the world in ruins and sets out on a mission to find his wife, Lori :) and his song Carrrrll. fuck thats an ugly name,, carl. Anyway, if you have the need to sit like a mindless hour wasting tv zombie, check it out.

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