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What I learned in my First Year of Uni

I only eat about $300 worth of food in 4 months (fuck non-refundable meal plans)My hair dryer is obsolete
I can write 3000 words on about 100 words worth of material.
You shouldn't sleep with your Musical co-star (but it's going to happen anyway)
Even at a Catholic school, atheism is pushed 90% of the time...
Boys are easier friends
The best trap for fruit flies is hand sanitizer.
Sometimes buying into fads is worth it. (Hunger Games)
Maintain the No JWK policy at all times.
I strongly dislike cats, hate walking up hills and can't go more than two days without calling my Mother for advice on something.
I am stronger than I thought, independent and surprisingly happy.


Dogtown Nostalgia

If you're lucky enough to have heard my top 5 indie film list, you know about my hardcore dirty filthy love for the movie about the Californian rise of skate culture in the 1970's. Lords of Dogtown is currently on a rerelease on itunes.. rent it all week for only 99 cents. Please do. It's amazing and sexy and contains one of the best soundtracks eva. Heath Ledger, Emile Hirch, So Sexy.


dormy update

In 6 loong days I will be sitting in the sun. Until then I'm finding ways to amuse myself (having been very productive the last few days getting all essays finished). Tonight I cleaned my room, which reminded me that I did promise both of my readers a view of my dormy room once it got set up. Here it is.


little women

Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau. Over the past year this teeny ten year old high fashion model has been shocking people and prudes left and right. With piercing baby blues, pouty lips and that sunkissed I-was-just-at-the-beach look, the youngin is by every standard a beauty. That along with her talent has landed her loads of work modeling as an adult for Marc Jacobs, Jean-Paaul Gautier, Mui Mui and Vogue.

Call is exploitation, child pornography, obscene.. and she may be being denyed a natural and innocent childhood free of sexuality but the fact is, she is gorgeous, doing what she loves and there are millions of children with a hell of a lot more problems than future vanity complexes. Really.. who gets to say what's OK and what isn't? AT LEAST ITS CLASSIER THAN TODDLERS AND TIARAS!

What about 13 year old Elle Fanning in Vogue posing with a come hither look.. is this OK?

Or her slightly less beautiful but way more talented sister getting raped in Hounddog when she was only 12 and playing a ten year old. (PS. Great Movie)

See also (Movies): Maladolescenza(1977), Gardens in the Night(2011)


the shape of happy

Although it was a beakup that motivated me to change my life for the healthier.. I'm happy to say that I'm finally living for ME. Tomrrow is the dangerous Valentine's Day and I couldn't be more in love with life. It's true that when you finally stop searching for happiness and start enjoying life, that's what happiness is. I'm being really lame and not at all getting how I feel across, which is profoundly content. Maybe I will tell you why I'm happy/a few things I'm excited about  :)

1. Today my "Thunder Friend" sent me a huge box of crayons! <3

2. I'm playing Anne of Green Gables in a community production of Anne and Gilbert, with a great cast of people. :)

3. I've been accepted to an Honors visual art/art history program at the University of Windsor for this fall and will be heading south west :)

4. In 3 weeks I will be laying on a beautiful beach in Cuba with my lovely extended family! Can't wait:)
5. Probably most important to me, is the fact that I am in the best shape I've ever been in physically! I've kept up my gym routine for almost 3 months now, I dropped a size (and feel great) and most recently have made a major overhaul to what I eat. I even went skiing a couple of days ago (to keep up with my resolutions) and didn't feel sore the next day like usual!

It's really possible to feel great about yourself, with a little hard work.. but nothing that's easy is worth having ;)


local zombies

Since I'm now officially a comic book nerd, I made a trip to the comic shop in fredericton. I picked up a few gossipgirl-esque graphic novels to indulge in and also took a reccomendation from the clerk to read Zombies Calling. It's by a girl called Faith Erin Hicks from Halifax, NS... I love when I can support maritime artists! The novel is about a british-culture obssessed college girl and her roommates fighting for their lives in a zombie apocolyptic world! It's bloody good.
In other zombie news, the tv show (yes, I watch an embarssing amount of tv series online..) The Walking Dead.. aside from cheap "special" effects.. is a really decent zombie pass-time. A cop wakes from a coma to find the world in ruins and sets out on a mission to find his wife, Lori :) and his song Carrrrll. fuck thats an ugly name,, carl. Anyway, if you have the need to sit like a mindless hour wasting tv zombie, check it out.


Graphic World

Get ready for what is probably my nerdiest post ever. Recently, I had to read a graphic novel for my English Lit class called Kick-Ass. I'm such a non- nerd: I'm terrible at math and science.. I don't even watch The Big Bang Theory! But the intense action, minimal verbal description, crisp artwork and immediatness of this book made me realise what I've been missing all these years: Comic Books!
Kick-Ass is at times comedic but mostly it's just dark, gritty and awesome. This 17 year old social outcast kid decides to be a superhero and discovers that he isn't alone. Enter Hit-Girl. The ten year old assasin with a dirty mouth.. I just ate it all up. And soo much blood.. I definately cringed a few times.
After I devoured Kick-Ass I was hungry for more and was turned onto Ghost World by my lil cutie Tavi Gevinson of It's about.. me basically. A girl just out of high school who loves doing art but can't quite seem to make her life work the way she wants it to.. It's also kind of dark with really cute humor and a childish innocence you wouldn't expect from such a tough looking character. Loved it.

If either of these stories sound appealing but you don't dig the panel lifestyle then lucky for you, both are now motion pictures I also saw recently and are really great! I actually like the ending of Kick-Ass movie version better!! Peace :) PS: I'd love to hear some reccomenations for others I might enjoy :)