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After admitting that the freshman 15 is not a myth and that I have become a victim to its terrifying effects I decided to take some action. About a month ago I worked up the courage to do something I've always wanted to and joined a gym. God knows I'm pretty lazy so this is a big deal for me!!
The YMCA in Fredericton is a beautiful new building with brand new machines with built in TVs. There's nothing like a five mile run while watching What Not to Wear! My membership also includes loads of weekly classes like yoga, spinning and zumba; the use of a pool; squash and karate lessons.For only 37/month its the best decision I've made for myself! 
Going to the gym is a big step and feels great. But a lifestyle change is more about working out. I truly believe that being healthy is about making small decisions every day. Switching to skim milk and whole wheat bread came first for me. Walking instead of driving, water (LOTS OF WATER) instead of pop, an apple instead of a kit kat..Through the Holidays its not always easy but I BELIEVE IN YOUUU! (Check out the blog that I'm not ashamed to say I read daily and has inspired me beyond words in the past few months! )

Be Healthy, Be Beautiful, Be Happy and Happy Holidays <3

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Georgia said...

Bahh that's so nice of you to mention me on your blog :) I'm soo so glad I could inspire you to make a healthy change!