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3 weeks from now, I will be moving from my cozy apartment to a dorm room for the first time in my life. I'm a pretty big comfort freak and it's really important that the space I live in reflects my personality and gives off a sense of airy calm. I love art, color, pillows and an organized mess. As for my future 6x8 cell, there may be some challenges in achieving a cozy space that doesn't feel cluttered and claustrophobic by my large quantities of books, clothing and posters.

I've been looking through interior design photos to get some ideas on how to pull my room together to create a centered and livable environment. Here's a few suggestions!

1. A central reoccurring color scheme. (Like an outfit, room accessories should 'go' together. I plan on opting for different shades of blue and green.)

2. Keep things Off the Floor (To keep a light and uncluttered atmosphere which will help you concentrate when it comes to that all nighter essay and will make your room feel bigger)

3. Hang tha Clothins (Weather exposed or in closet, if you can see all your clothing it saves a lot of time in the morning and you're more likely to dress cuter everyday instead of the same old Tommies sweater and jeans uniform!)

4. Have Fun with Lighting (Most dorms have teeny windows that don't let a lot of light in which can make your space feel even more like a prison cell.. so find something funky and within your color scheme. I chose some hanging chinese lamps from

5. Fabricz (Don't clutter the wall with friend picz.. that's what fb is for)

6. Plantz (A real plant will bring life to your room and naturally cleanse your air. Also, if you miss your pet from home it will give you something to take care of !) 

Enjoy decorating your room.. I will post pictures of my own turnout in the new year :)


Cady said...

Lori! Are you moving into a single dorm room, or are you sharing?

lori said...

A single my friend. Only child here.. I need my space:P