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damn girl where have I been jesus?

It's been a veryvery long time. Here's the jizz of my last few months since graduation (hehe). I spent 2 months in England.. check out da blogz: Now I am studying some silly courses at a University called St Thomas in Fredericton, NB and teaching an art class to lil kiddies at Madrigal Music and Art Studio. I'm still on the road to the Canadian dream and bois, it's a long road. Luckily I have the outside world to lighten the dark days of my present existence. 
Oh God, What Else? I suppose a quick note about the tunes that got me through this summer, a breakup, my travels and my daily 20 min commute to school. It's my good old pals of Mumford and Sons and their album Sigh No More including of course Hold on to What You Believe. It's a special thing when you come across an album that every single song speaks to you and how you feel. Boo hoo eh?
Beside what this post would have you believe.. I am slowly becoming a much happier person. But we all have our days.

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