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My Golden Globe movie spree started today with black swan and the social network. I lay here now, feeling like an overly mentally stable networking consumer, and dats alright man. Although I was bothered by a few things like the glamour and believability, the blend of humor, intelligence, casting, sequential technique and style in the social network make it an obvious win. Here's my personal criticism of it's losing opponent.. just gonna kick it while its down loool.

The parallel between the plot of the original Swan Lake ballet and the film Black Swan (based on the novel of the same name) is far too evident from the opening scene when we are are thrown into the midst of the  fucked up ballerina's nightmare where she is being haunted by Rotbart. She's mentally ill, constantly scratching her skin, throwing up and causing all sorts of self destruction embodying a girl capable of the virginal innocence of the white swan as well as the dark impulsions of the Black Swan (real subtle hereee). Despite the less than perfect special effects and the overuse of Tchaikovsky's original score as overpowering background music the thing about this film that really got to me was the way it sold out in multiple artistic areas in order to apeal to a wider audience.

Let me explain..In MY opinion, Natalie Portman was great and beautiful, nor can I say anything bad about the lovely fresh faced Mila Kunis (and I can't say my boyfriend.. or myself.. didn't enjoy the girl on girl scene hott..(even if it did turn out te exist only within the tormented mind of the mentally ill ballerina wtffff)) BUT I can't help but feel that Kunis' character... "Lily" was completely irrelevant and unnecessary.. and was written in simply for public appeal and under the sex sells motto-been-made-mantra by hollywood producers. We could just as easily have witnessed Nina's slip into insanity and inner battle with her evil side without the confusion of the third-wheel character. I actually think it would have been even more powerful and artistic to have witnessed Nina's struggle without the distraction of the quirky (supposedly antagonistic) character.  But try selling a movie with a Man vs Self plotline.. ... Oh I almost forgot to mention the technique that i absolutly hate.. use of wardrobe to imply things.. Nina is seen wearing light colors while Lily wears a darker pallet.. ugh. lazy way of establishing stuff.. might as well be raining every time she's sad.

That being said, had the role of Lily been played by someone else... someone less comedic(the touches of humor clashed horribly with the whimsical psychological thrill and overall beautiful monotony of the film.. unless your name is Shakespeare don't think you know how to successfully incorperate comedic relief into a serious story without looking cheesy or sacrificing a constant tone) or someone who looks less like the drugged up version of Miley with too much eyeliner.. maybe the integrity and artistic merit of this film could have been salvaged.

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