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This weekend I was looking forward to a Friday evening of solo movie enjoyment followed by subsequent release of inspiration onto canvas. Unfortunately Black Swan was storm delayed and I am forced to look for inspiration elsewhere(which reminds me, Somewhere didn't come either, sad face). But I needn't look far! Nylon Magazine is always there for me in these troubling times.

The bestest fashion magazine in my opinion because it gives the artist's way of looking at things. Here's just a few of my favorite cross processed shots, not to mention the awesome article titles.

and finally a segway video!

14 months has slowly dwindled itself down to a mere 6 months. Untill my adventure to Europe that is. Paris, of course, is my main destination. I don't even care that it's such a cliché for a girl like me, I mean, just look at the romantic summery nostalgia of that video. It nearly brings me to tears. 

Coming Soon!:
These things are all inspiration for my upcoming first attempt at an outdoor art installation/performance art piece. Yah, it may be a tee bit beyond my skill level as an artist but it'll never happen unless I create it. (Thanks in advance to my model and photographer girls:) 

Ohhhh, PS... visit this blog it's sick.

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