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Banksy and Sons

Before I get to my things I want to say that today is a very good day for the following reasons: Today was the last day of school for 2010, I won an i-pod dock for a fundraiser Im fairly sure I didn't participate in, I got accepted to Mount Allison University so yay for another option, I'm finally having a good hair day, I'm still on a high from last night's school dance that made me super excited for prom, it's pay day at Papa Joe's and Mall World is super fun(thanks Andrea)! Not really sure how all of this good fortune could come to one little girl in a single day but it has so I wanted to share it with you, and gloat a little bit:) Yay for Today!

As for your dose of culture here is a guy that has been intriguing me for quite some time. Known only as Banksy, this mysterious British political street artist is famous for his incredible, contemporary creations on public surfaces. Most likely youre already familiar with some of his work because in a short time he's become a pop icon. And managed to keep his identity secret!
So yeah, a lot of his stuff has to do with like the destruction and decline of human culture and the incline of consumerism. I love the ideas but am sadly one of the culprets when it comes to the latter.. but I dare you to stay away from the siren call of forever 21 once you get your own credit card.

Secondly for you I have a song. Mumford and Sons is being right the big boys lately with their growing fanbase so you might have heard some of the songs from their albums. I want to share my favorite song that can't be found on any itunes, bearshare, 4share, myshare, yourshare or any share you can find. Only available on the Deluxe Edition of Sigh No More as a Bonus track. So here's Hold on to What you Believe. It's goooood.

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