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Last week I was O so bless-ed with the opportunity of a great musical experience. Taggin along with some goodhearted badboys, I went to see the Australian Pink Floyd show in a land not too far away. I'll admit I was never a huge fan of the band, and I even openly prefered Radiohead's version of Wish you were Here (and still do, sorry). However, I'd heard good things of this tribute people, decided to go, and promtly searched through the P section of my record collection to give myself a crash course.

It turned out to be a pretty great show, and even when I wasn't familiar with the song, the flashing lights and videos kept me amused. But some of the songs really caught my attention, particularily The Great Gig in the Sky. blew my mind and everyhing. So I can now call myself a fan, however, I can still not call myself a photographer.

So despite the crafty alliterative title of this blog, Willow Smith is coming in a close second this week to my loves. This adorable 9 year old is the new thing says me. Certain untamable teens are getting too old for the kids so here's their new hannah. My peers, when we were 7, who blasted through our boomboxes as we danced around trying to iminate their sexy dance moves? Nobody this cool.

Not to mention, with he help of a team of private stylists, she's becoming one of the biggest trend setters on them red carpets and the hollywoodland magazines. I'm in love with her funky outfits and hairstyles. After watching the premier of this video on the mtv website, I promptly went and got myself some
whip-able hair extensions (under the clever cover of grad photos). Fresh Prince the Next Generation? Here she is, you know you love her.

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