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Green Day's American Idiot on Broadway was the most amazing thing I've seen. Not show, THING, out of everything in the world. This was seriously completely off the charts insane. It lived up to all my huge expectations that have been building since the spring when I first heard about the new show by Green Day, nutured and bred from their album American Idiot, soundtrack to my middle school days. I've had my upfront tickets for months now and I travelled all the way to the great N Y C to fulfill my longing.

I hope your jealous when I tell you that I was literally close enough to the stage to feel the spray of spit fly from John Gallagher Jr.'s mouth as he belted the opening number. This was followed, without much unneccesary dialogue in between, by  my favorite song of all time, Jesus of Suburbia (yah, the entire 9 minute long epic tale). I don't have to tell that I was already perched on the edge of my seat when Whatsername finally emerged from the shadows, hair flying everywhere, clad in the purple boy briefs with a streak to match.

Then my favorite song from the cast version of the album came up. 21 Guns blew my mind ( in a way no snarky comments by TH could ever come close to) when the entire chorus came on to sing in perfect harmony. The cast stood, looking into the distance and then let themselves fall to the ground metaphorically depicting both the lead character's struggle with drugs and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Easily the best number. Actally, not so easily, they were all amazing.


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Anonymous said...

lol snarky comments by TH, sounds sweet tho. glad you had fun:)