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Dear Godfather

I went through a fairly large stage where I was convinced that I wanted to be a filmmaker. It seemed like such a fitting role for Lori Noel: I'd get to be creative, work on movie sets, write stories, put together visual works of art on screens and boss people around. I even went so far as to make an almost full length documentary on the kids at my school, I'll spare you the linkage... but it's on youtube if youre super curious. Anyways, Here's filmmaking at its best, in my opinion.

If you've been keepin up you'll know that my absolute favorite director and filmmaker is Sofia Coppola. (Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette)
So, you'll understand how excited I am about her new film, Somewhere, starring none other than Elle Fanning. The second coming of Dakota, with cuter facial features.

Sofia and Elle on the movie set

(anyone thinking Elle looks eerily like Kirsten Dunst here...? note: Kirsten Dunst has starred in two of Coppola's films. guess she's got a type.)

Another great filmmaker of the right here and now? The grand prize winner of the video contest for Monsters of Folk's Dear God. Produced by Kathleen Bryson and Directed by Nele Hecht. This video is a bit long but you have a minute, really watch it. It's a bit chilling when you let the concept sink in. Plus this kid is adorable.

Post links in the comments of your favorite films:) 
Oh yah, and I just recently figured out how to add videos in my blogs, hehe:) so check out the page on the side called music for you, which contains some nice little videos of songs I've been listening to a lot. 

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