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Carnivaleque Rebellion

I'm all over a new photographer. Funny thing really.. all my life I never gave a damn about photography, considered it an inferior artform even. But recently I'm struck by some of the iconic shots coming my way that can't be described as anything but art.

Yesterday I came across this one by a man named Joseph Szabo. I saw it in a really cool magazine that's worth checking out called Adbusters (all about questioning the media and society's "norms"). His pieces are so beautifully simple and unpretentious. I'm in love.

I can't believe I havn't mentioned Olivia Bee yet! She's the best thing since olives and bees. A 16 year old camera wonder that takes the most amazingly whimsical pictures of pretty people doing pretty things. They are so fairytale-esque. The picture at the top of this blog's homepage belongs to her and is actually a secret link to her magical website. Check it out :) This is one of her many beautiful self-portraits:

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