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J'ai toujours aimer avoir une deuxieme langue. Mais je n'es jamais vu l'importance ou quoi qui est speciale de la francais. Plusiers choses m'a changer l'attitude vers la langue dans les derniers coupe des mois. La premiere est un film de 2009 appelé:

An Education. About a young school girl in London during the 1960's. She's completely bored with her life and her rules and dreams of France, glamour, maturity and listens to french records. She meets a much older man who whisks her off to lands of adults and exciting adventures. He takes her to France where her dreams are made reality. Carry Mulligan (so cute with fringe) is the naiive little Jenny who gets a real education, blah blah. The part that caught my attention in this independent little Oscar nominee and won my heart was modestly beautiful Jenny laying in her bedroom singing along J'ai Deux Amours, which is in fact a foreshadow  in the movie's plot.  Actually, the entire soundtrack is to die for. Not to mention 'You've got me wrapped around your little finger'.

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