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Vampires Sunseekin' Weekend in California English

It's Tuesday; The night that Pretty Little Liars is not on. Today the greyhound(which is actually called acadian bus lines) brought me back to Bathurst from my weekend adventures. I went to the Sunseeker Ball Music and Art Festival where we partied and saw lotsa cool music and got drunk and other things and met rad people. 

Joel Plaskett was wearing a jean jacket with jeans. ha.

But on Friday it rained like a bitch and our tent broke so we spent the night in sj with my soul sister Cherise and she took us to a cool coffee house to hear some local musical talent. I also got a chance to check out Backstreet Records, a record store on the beautiful Germain street in Uptown Saint John. (near the equally cool Feel Good Store)

I picked up Vampire Weekend's Contra on Vinyl which caught my attention because of the amazing cover art which has a pretty neat background story that I won't get into, I'll just tell you that the album rocks, Vampires Don't Suck. Also got Damien Rice's O, because of my recent realisation of how fucking sick he is. Oh! and the soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ! :)
 Right the muuusical weekend

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