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Hitting A New Lowe

In the word's of classic Degrassi, "New year, new look, new Paige.", I've come to a brand new realisation for the coming school season. In spirit of my all-art-no-math-no-science schedule Ive made for myself I've been thinking about amping up my um, artontheoutside (style). I'm being inspired by loads of things and people lately and theyre all leading me in the same general direction.

Aria Montgomery
A brand new fashion icon to say the least. Although a fictional character from my new favorite show, Pretty Little Liars, she's created a whole new style of goth with an alternative, bohemian, glam twist. I'm in love with her dark plaid dresses, chunky black boots, patterned tights, signature leather jacket(dark brown cropped moto) navy blue thigh highs and underworld accessories. Not too mention I enjoy that fact that she's about my height and wears her 5 inch heels fearlessly! :)

Daisy Lowe
The British model brings my fashion dreams to life. She's the perfect amount of hardcore black and blue mixed with soft fringe bangs and cherry red lips. Give me more. It will take some effort to pull this off, although I don't exactly plan on picking up a cigarette habit any time soon (even though, let's face it, it looks fucking cool)

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