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Alice in Chains

I'm all for spin offs and paraphanelia concerning my favorite culture icons; especially good old Lewis Carrol. I hung on every word of the original Alice in Wonderland book in sixth grade. I was overjoyed to play the part of Alice in the 'adapted for stage for middle school children' version in 8th grade. Soo excited for months about the first film to hit big screens last year in Imax 3D. I was even aboard on the SECOND blockbuster set to come out next year revolving around the classic tale of lost girl in trippy world. But some people just take it TOO FAR. In society's attempt to ruin and discard of every last shred of respect for classic literature and stomp on all childlike innocence, we've turned a  curious little wide-eyed child into a busty teenager with come hither eyes and a let's have sex kinda wrap around dress, a stupid inbocile on hullucinagenic drugs and finally to a middle aged woman with bright red hair and a beauty spot!

Yes, in April 2011, Wonderland the Musical will make it's Broadway debut. I had yet to question the wisdom of the infamous stages of New York but it seems that day has come. Check out the site.. (note the White Knight and his "Boy Band"..)


oh ya.. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Musical Website (BLASPHAMY)


Anonymous said...

could you do better? cause i mean with all the experience you have in drama " middle school children' version in 8th grade" you should have at least 2 Broadway hits by now? when you put together a musical that airs on broad way, i'll be sure to go watch it! have you stopped to think perhaps they are just expressing them selves, through this new recreation of the classic tale? i mean you bitch on this blog all the time about the importance of art and expression. it is art whether you like it or not...and im sure putting this musical together required a lot more work and talent then your simple splotches of paint on paper..yeah i know the whole..abstract thing is your style with the messiness in the paint and all to show how you don't care about conforming to mainstream art ideals...but come on...your just not that good.


lori said...

duude. It's art, I just dont like it.

Anonymous said...

i just dont like yours

lori said...

youre allowed, didnt have to be rude.

Anonymous said...

what you being a cunt for? No one made you read this so why are you commenting it in such a out of order way. i think the internet is great for people expressing themselves, just like any other art form but if abuse is your way of expressing yourself then who are you to critise lori?!
And you don't sound like much fun if you sit around reading kids blogs all day

lori said...
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