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Vera this Way

Fall Fashion Week is better than March Break. Not only are the clothes great and versitile (cold or warm weather) but you care because it influences the holiest of shopping; school clothes shopping. The one time my mother pays for my new clothes because it's things I "need". huhaheha. 

My favorite of the week is the never-let-you-down ever Vera Wang even ask Carrie Bradshaw who was lucky enough to be stood up at the alter in the most fabulous custom designed wang wedding dress. Here's the highlights:
♥ black lace black lace black lace black lace black lace black lace black lace black lace black lace black lace black lace black  ♥

Donna Karen's looks were also very dark with long trenches and black tights. So many dark pallets on the runway but I must say, it's a whole lot more flattering than spring's floral everything frenzy. A trendy fall we look forward to. 


Vampires Sunseekin' Weekend in California English

It's Tuesday; The night that Pretty Little Liars is not on. Today the greyhound(which is actually called acadian bus lines) brought me back to Bathurst from my weekend adventures. I went to the Sunseeker Ball Music and Art Festival where we partied and saw lotsa cool music and got drunk and other things and met rad people. 

Joel Plaskett was wearing a jean jacket with jeans. ha.

But on Friday it rained like a bitch and our tent broke so we spent the night in sj with my soul sister Cherise and she took us to a cool coffee house to hear some local musical talent. I also got a chance to check out Backstreet Records, a record store on the beautiful Germain street in Uptown Saint John. (near the equally cool Feel Good Store)

I picked up Vampire Weekend's Contra on Vinyl which caught my attention because of the amazing cover art which has a pretty neat background story that I won't get into, I'll just tell you that the album rocks, Vampires Don't Suck. Also got Damien Rice's O, because of my recent realisation of how fucking sick he is. Oh! and the soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ! :)
 Right the muuusical weekend


Hitting A New Lowe

In the word's of classic Degrassi, "New year, new look, new Paige.", I've come to a brand new realisation for the coming school season. In spirit of my all-art-no-math-no-science schedule Ive made for myself I've been thinking about amping up my um, artontheoutside (style). I'm being inspired by loads of things and people lately and theyre all leading me in the same general direction.

Aria Montgomery
A brand new fashion icon to say the least. Although a fictional character from my new favorite show, Pretty Little Liars, she's created a whole new style of goth with an alternative, bohemian, glam twist. I'm in love with her dark plaid dresses, chunky black boots, patterned tights, signature leather jacket(dark brown cropped moto) navy blue thigh highs and underworld accessories. Not too mention I enjoy that fact that she's about my height and wears her 5 inch heels fearlessly! :)

Daisy Lowe
The British model brings my fashion dreams to life. She's the perfect amount of hardcore black and blue mixed with soft fringe bangs and cherry red lips. Give me more. It will take some effort to pull this off, although I don't exactly plan on picking up a cigarette habit any time soon (even though, let's face it, it looks fucking cool)


Alice in Chains

I'm all for spin offs and paraphanelia concerning my favorite culture icons; especially good old Lewis Carrol. I hung on every word of the original Alice in Wonderland book in sixth grade. I was overjoyed to play the part of Alice in the 'adapted for stage for middle school children' version in 8th grade. Soo excited for months about the first film to hit big screens last year in Imax 3D. I was even aboard on the SECOND blockbuster set to come out next year revolving around the classic tale of lost girl in trippy world. But some people just take it TOO FAR. In society's attempt to ruin and discard of every last shred of respect for classic literature and stomp on all childlike innocence, we've turned a  curious little wide-eyed child into a busty teenager with come hither eyes and a let's have sex kinda wrap around dress, a stupid inbocile on hullucinagenic drugs and finally to a middle aged woman with bright red hair and a beauty spot!

Yes, in April 2011, Wonderland the Musical will make it's Broadway debut. I had yet to question the wisdom of the infamous stages of New York but it seems that day has come. Check out the site.. (note the White Knight and his "Boy Band"..)


oh ya.. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Musical Website (BLASPHAMY)