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I Blame Coco for Bohemian Love

Here is the next big thing. Well maybe not, considering her debut album has been out for almost two years and still, you can't purchase her shit on i-tunes. Fuck that. I used to hate when cool music when all mainstream and the kiddies got their handsies on it but now that Im older and the wiser and all that, i realise that if you really appreciate a band and respect their music then you should feel proud when they start making money and getting their music heard. I want the world to hear Coco. Who do I blame for her dismissal? Gaga, for one. nothing against gaga, like, power to the strange but.. There's just so much shitty music out there right now its saturating the 'stream' and making it impossible for anyone with legit talent to cram their way in!

Who is she? Coco Sumner is the daughter of Sting, the policeman. her band is I blame Coco and she's the sickest shit Ive seen in many a days of wandering youtube in search of dirty beings who grunge the guitar properly. Her completly unique voice and style are enough alone to captivate you, and her perfect face keeps you watching. She has this video out right, where she dances around, does hip things and people film it and put one of her less than thought provoking songs with it. Of course, they can't pick something like humner humner that blows up your ovaries on the hook. No, that wouldn't attract the attention of the wandering kiddies. But they were wrong. Those producers and contract hotshots that fought over her music genius when she was just 15, who would own her, who would sell her, who would market her as Sting's daughter better. Nobody won.
I'm in graphic art's class by the way, in case you were wondering. I get a lot of work done in here. A lot of hard, dedicated work. And today, I'm inspired by Carmine's long run-on sentences and rambling that makes complete hippie hippie shakin sense. If you havn't checked out her blog yet, please do. Imma put a link in here later, or on my page on the side. She's right aesthetic and her balance of color, graphics, words and.. eerything. She's a real artist.

Back 2 Coco. She stands up there, right, being all cool in her black and her rips and her layers of boho favorites.. singing like a goddess off her rocker, resonating the soul of dead people from the 60's and alive people from a dirty city. Pete Doherty even entrusted her with his love song to Kate Moss, that goes something like.. Boheemiann Looove. here it is, enjoy. I'm done rambling. I'm not done with you.  Loove, Lori.