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Some (5) random thoughts of Tonight Tonight. the impossible tonight.
because alyssa is making me.

ONE She's so sexy with all her clothes on and everything. Zooey Deschanel is about the hippest little chick around. Her voice is so pretty and she's unique without being weird. Maybe a little weird but I like it.  her moo-sic:

TWO I am the proud owner of a cute little Neon. I named it Sunny, she's Midnight Blue.

THREE My Birthday Is coming up. As in, next week. I'm sort of sad that I'm getting older but still excited to be exicted about my day of me:) Also, Carmine is coming home so that's always a good time. Last year was a heap of fun.

and the year before...
FOUR I'm getting a tattoo next week. It's a little birdy thing that will live on my shoulder. His wings say 'the wild' and it has absolutly no meaning. When I turned 16 I decided I was going to get a tattoo that really meant something important and symbolic and blah blah but after a year of putting it off, I'm just going to get something that I think is cute. :)

FIVE  The seaguls at McDonals are basically plotting against me now.


Anonymous said...

one- love her lots, especially in 500 days of summer
two-sunnys mix tapes are good
three-im really excited
four-seriously??????? good.
five-kill each and everyone of them.


69 said...

love ya. and also i will be coming down

seagul lover said...

i believe that you've written lines about seaguls never been said!True genius, i aspire to belike you one day:)!
lov you<3