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i lost my phone in paradise of the freak folk era

I breath in music like air. I don't think I could survive without it, at least not live a life of any worth or pleasure. My taste is constantly changing and my new favorite thing is finding new bands I've never heard of and falling in love. I happen to fall in love daily as it were. That's okay. For the time being these people are replacing a male amigo. When my bff says I need to get laid I tell her I'm Practicing my Independence but really I'm Exercising my relationship with music.  Here are my current Lovers.

Pete Doherty
He's accented, dirty, rough around the edges, how can lori not love?  He's hardcore like my golden delicious apple but when he's just him and his acoustic guitar, high as fuck and loving music so much he could have a heart attack, well there's nothing there but amazing music and passion. What a brogue he has and is hard to understand, but it doesnt  matter somtimes because it's just pretty sounding. He's also a poet and here is what he wrote for me:

My you did look dapper in your mother's
Old green scarf
With your famous Auntie Arthur’s trousers on
You were slapped by that slapper
And how we all laughed
But you laughed the loudest
In ‘ could charm the bees knees of the bees

First Aid Kit
The Swedish sisterly duo. They're all about the rebirth of folk music, which I love. They sing in amazing harmony that makes you want to get on your knees and live forever. The first time I heard them I was sitting on a futon, and didnt expect much from the two plain girls in flannel shirts, the guitar and the forest. But then they sang. And their voices echoed through the trees, and through the surround sound of the smoking-room by the train station. I had never heard or felt so much passion in my life, I was so in awe I can't even explain without sounding completly corny, if I havn't already achieved that! Just listen for yourself, and I hope you are as paralyzed by the sound as I was, and still am.

Music... Enjoy Please

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alyssa said...

your new love pete doherty, very nice. very very nice.

i still don't know about these first aid kit girls, theyre good. just not love to me