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the virgin suicides

Something was twisted and very very wrong, behind her face.
25 years ago. 5 lovely sisters all off themselves. You never know what goes on behind closed doors do you? Right in front of you, a disease can spread, from tree to tree, killing all the life. You don't even notice. Untill
it impales itself on an iron fence.

Wonderful Sofia Coppola. Daughter of brilliant Francis Ford, The Godfather, the world needs more female directors, like her. Enough said.

Now directors tend to work with the same actors again and again. and I don't blame either of them. It's not just because I'm crazy about Dunst either, even though I am. But both of these movies pull my art strings (haha get it, like heart strings.. fine.) Coppola is 70% beautiful imagery and 30% poetic script. Dunst is the porcelain frame for a director like her's art. It's the colors and the hair and the costumes and the realistic whimsical quality that makes you tilt your head back and spread your arms wide in the middle of a wheat field twirling around bare feet in a flowy white dress feeling the orange sun and looking like a complete douche with a few lost marbles but feeling like a fantastical character from another world. Not that I've ever done this rediculous act.

ps. the virgin suicides is a must see and even though it focuses mostly on Lux, pay close attention to Cecelia, she's the sister with the real beauty.

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