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It basically all began at the center of the Universe. Yeah, southern California. I can't tell you what it is about skateboarding boys that draws me in, they're dirty, lazy(unless theyre skating) and basically don't really give a shit about shit. And yet I can't stay away. If anyone knows why these qualities are so attractive.. A major mystery of the Universe.. But hey, maybe it's just cause all that skating makes then sexy as fuck.

I think it all began when I was exposed to a sub-culture shock in the form of a little film called Lords of Dogtown. If you havn't noticed, I have a bit of a soft side when it comes to anything set in the good ol' 70's. much like this biopic chronicling the Zephyr skate team that revolutionized the sport. And don't go thinking it's just because Emile Hirsch(J Boy) is all naked and badass and tanned and blond and sexy, cause that's not it at all. at all. ;)

For serious though, sexiness aside, you don't have to be a skater (my only experience includes a bruised ass) to appreciate the awesome culture behind skateboarding. Not to mention the soundtrack to this movie is insane, totally acurate to the decade, the rock matches the story's hardcore attitude. Also, from what I can see, it was pretty damn acurate to history, so it's a fucking educational film kids. Go watch it and then break your neck trying be as cool as Tony Alva. And if you get good enough, I just might suck your dick.

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