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Currie, Finger Painted Janis Joplin by me

Aside from my job at the crumby department store I have a little side gig being a radio personality. Doesn't involve much freedom musically but I do get to see a lot of upcoming movies and album release type deal things. So long story short
, in a long way , I've been excited about the Runaways for a good damn year. I even sported high heels the other night in a lame Cherie Currie attempt. I'll never be this rad but I sure can try eh.

(Dakota and Kristen version)

People be talkin about little old Dakota Fanning playing the out-there Cherie but in my opinion, don't bitch till youve seen the result. Because dayum is she some sexy and IN it. As for Kirsten Stewart, I'm down with her as long as she ain't kissin any living-dead freaks. ;) She was stellar; in the land of women, into the wild.

I do for serious want to be these girls though. They almost make me want to trade in my beads and fringe for spikes and leather. Almost = does. I went all wild and sliced my bangs in the front and bought some liquid eyeliner. Almost?

Original Cherry Bomb Video

ps you can check out some songs from the movie's soundtrack on the sidebar of this page. :) -->

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