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In grade 7 the Wonderful mr. nicol introduced me to the world of Lewis Carrol. There I was, lost, confused, shrinking and growing in a strange world, and tripping out like never before. I was in Wonderland.

I visited the magical land again last week, when Tim Burton sent a post-pubescent Alice back down the rabbit hole. The whole thing was a big build up for average/medium satisfaction. It was not, as many kiddies like myself were hoping, a two hour long 3D trip of flowers and stange shit and whatnot. No, it was Hollywood-ized, which I'm not saying is a bad thing really, just not what I was hoping. Depp (here again we see the multiple movies with like director/actor) was stupendous obviously, although I happen to find his 'Hatter' slightly reminiscent of his 'Wonka'. (think, flashbacks/childlike innocence?) But that's just me.

Luckily, I happened to be in Florida at the time and wittnessed it in IMAX. Which I have to say, was pretty sick. Also, for the event, stores were all stocked and decked out with Alice thingys. He
re's a cute one I picked up on my travels. (click photo if you feel like reading the pages.)

I love my fat boys. ♥

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