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Breakfast with Tiffany

Typecast? Here I am again, on stage, under the hot spotlight. The Girl Next Door. Smiling sweetly and filling up air. At least I get to do it in funky 80's attire. Ahh, the 80's. I missed them by a hair. how unfortunate. I was never in The Breakfast Club.. or whatever else they did back then. Max Headroom??

However, I do get my chance to live all Rat Pack/Molly Ringwald for a little while. Daggy Dancing and all. That's right, a school musical folks. yay:) It's conveniently titlesd, Back to the 80's. I'm playing the charming, hoop shooting, easily persuaded Tiffany. She is Consuming my free time. But I don't mind. After all, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, kids.

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