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surf it like a wave bro

It basically all began at the center of the Universe. Yeah, southern California. I can't tell you what it is about skateboarding boys that draws me in, they're dirty, lazy(unless theyre skating) and basically don't really give a shit about shit. And yet I can't stay away. If anyone knows why these qualities are so attractive.. A major mystery of the Universe.. But hey, maybe it's just cause all that skating makes then sexy as fuck.

I think it all began when I was exposed to a sub-culture shock in the form of a little film called Lords of Dogtown. If you havn't noticed, I have a bit of a soft side when it comes to anything set in the good ol' 70's. much like this biopic chronicling the Zephyr skate team that revolutionized the sport. And don't go thinking it's just because Emile Hirsch(J Boy) is all naked and badass and tanned and blond and sexy, cause that's not it at all. at all. ;)

For serious though, sexiness aside, you don't have to be a skater (my only experience includes a bruised ass) to appreciate the awesome culture behind skateboarding. Not to mention the soundtrack to this movie is insane, totally acurate to the decade, the rock matches the story's hardcore attitude. Also, from what I can see, it was pretty damn acurate to history, so it's a fucking educational film kids. Go watch it and then break your neck trying be as cool as Tony Alva. And if you get good enough, I just might suck your dick.


blow jobs till the cows cum home

On the other end of the rock spectrum we find, our Groupies.Yes, this species originates from the Sunset Strip, a place commonly faithful to it's name. Dancing at the Whiskey a Go Go, the riot house, Thee Experience, in the streets, on the wings of a rock and roll stage, wherever you find this girl she is sure to please. See, Almost Famous's Penny Lane. See, Ruby Tuesday, Pamela Des Barres, Nancy Spungen, Cynthia Plaster Caster. See, ambitious women, never to be confused with a hooker/stripper or any sort. Merely, making themselves sexually available to musicians.

My favorite? Why, the feisty little curly haired jailbait named.. Lori Lightning. At 13, she wooed and captured none other than Jimmy Page himself. She was in love with his music and his soul and she was his inspiration.

The darn cutest of them all? Miss Pamela of course. Author of multiple bios detailing her intimate experiences with music and musicians in the hippy-dippy era, she's deffinatly a groupie pioneer. her list of acheivements goes on and on; Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, Noel Redding, Don Johnson.. to name a few.

The modern day equivalent of a 60's groupie is a spunky blond we all know and love. Blow Jobs till the Cows Cum Home. Your average Sid and Nancy, being Out There, crazy, insane, hardcore as shit. Meeting her was an e-harmony moment of 'where have you been all my life?' Miss Carmine, love love love!

a collaboration.

cum on. "acid drops when bombs don't"
C-Min's Art:


Breakfast with Tiffany

Typecast? Here I am again, on stage, under the hot spotlight. The Girl Next Door. Smiling sweetly and filling up air. At least I get to do it in funky 80's attire. Ahh, the 80's. I missed them by a hair. how unfortunate. I was never in The Breakfast Club.. or whatever else they did back then. Max Headroom??

However, I do get my chance to live all Rat Pack/Molly Ringwald for a little while. Daggy Dancing and all. That's right, a school musical folks. yay:) It's conveniently titlesd, Back to the 80's. I'm playing the charming, hoop shooting, easily persuaded Tiffany. She is Consuming my free time. But I don't mind. After all, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, kids.


the virgin suicides

Something was twisted and very very wrong, behind her face.
25 years ago. 5 lovely sisters all off themselves. You never know what goes on behind closed doors do you? Right in front of you, a disease can spread, from tree to tree, killing all the life. You don't even notice. Untill
it impales itself on an iron fence.

Wonderful Sofia Coppola. Daughter of brilliant Francis Ford, The Godfather, the world needs more female directors, like her. Enough said.

Now directors tend to work with the same actors again and again. and I don't blame either of them. It's not just because I'm crazy about Dunst either, even though I am. But both of these movies pull my art strings (haha get it, like heart strings.. fine.) Coppola is 70% beautiful imagery and 30% poetic script. Dunst is the porcelain frame for a director like her's art. It's the colors and the hair and the costumes and the realistic whimsical quality that makes you tilt your head back and spread your arms wide in the middle of a wheat field twirling around bare feet in a flowy white dress feeling the orange sun and looking like a complete douche with a few lost marbles but feeling like a fantastical character from another world. Not that I've ever done this rediculous act.

ps. the virgin suicides is a must see and even though it focuses mostly on Lux, pay close attention to Cecelia, she's the sister with the real beauty.


queens of noise

Currie, Finger Painted Janis Joplin by me

Aside from my job at the crumby department store I have a little side gig being a radio personality. Doesn't involve much freedom musically but I do get to see a lot of upcoming movies and album release type deal things. So long story short
, in a long way , I've been excited about the Runaways for a good damn year. I even sported high heels the other night in a lame Cherie Currie attempt. I'll never be this rad but I sure can try eh.

(Dakota and Kristen version)

People be talkin about little old Dakota Fanning playing the out-there Cherie but in my opinion, don't bitch till youve seen the result. Because dayum is she some sexy and IN it. As for Kirsten Stewart, I'm down with her as long as she ain't kissin any living-dead freaks. ;) She was stellar; in the land of women, into the wild.

I do for serious want to be these girls though. They almost make me want to trade in my beads and fringe for spikes and leather. Almost = does. I went all wild and sliced my bangs in the front and bought some liquid eyeliner. Almost?

Original Cherry Bomb Video

ps you can check out some songs from the movie's soundtrack on the sidebar of this page. :) -->


down the rabbit hole

In grade 7 the Wonderful mr. nicol introduced me to the world of Lewis Carrol. There I was, lost, confused, shrinking and growing in a strange world, and tripping out like never before. I was in Wonderland.

I visited the magical land again last week, when Tim Burton sent a post-pubescent Alice back down the rabbit hole. The whole thing was a big build up for average/medium satisfaction. It was not, as many kiddies like myself were hoping, a two hour long 3D trip of flowers and stange shit and whatnot. No, it was Hollywood-ized, which I'm not saying is a bad thing really, just not what I was hoping. Depp (here again we see the multiple movies with like director/actor) was stupendous obviously, although I happen to find his 'Hatter' slightly reminiscent of his 'Wonka'. (think, flashbacks/childlike innocence?) But that's just me.

Luckily, I happened to be in Florida at the time and wittnessed it in IMAX. Which I have to say, was pretty sick. Also, for the event, stores were all stocked and decked out with Alice thingys. He
re's a cute one I picked up on my travels. (click photo if you feel like reading the pages.)

I love my fat boys. ♥


i feel just like a child

I can't do MATH.
Screw College then, California will teach me everything I need to know.
You know what? I bet Devendra Banhart can't do math either. Well, he probably doesn't go around crying like a baby about it like I do. But I don't have his drop dead sexy body to make up for it then either. Catcher in the Rye says you know when you know someone is a good actor, it's when you feel like yeah you'd want to call them up and have a chat with them. Actors aren't the same thing as artists cause they don't create stuff like artists do they just show off someone else's art. They're more like a frame. But nonetheless, I'd like to have a chat with good old Banhart.

Then again, maybe he would cry like a little baby, about it. Eh, beautiful man? :) <---- MOOsic Video.


over seas

A Thousand Splendid Suns
Khaled Hosseini
I've read a lot of books that use a whole lotta words and never really say much. *cough cough twilight* But the images and scenes from the book stayed with me for a long time.
Woman in Afghanistan during the war. The recent recent war.

Through the wreckage and chaos and violence of the country, the beauty of this world is conveyed.

Every street of Kabul is enthralling to the eye
Through the bazaars, caravans of Egypt pass
One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs
And the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls

Women are Brave <---------- Click here. for. Sinead. O'Connor. ♥


if he cant strum a guitar or sing like a sex maniac, he aint nobody.

I have to say hello to you, should anyone happen to read this.
hello. hello. hello.

I'm almost finished being sixteen and I'm a self proclaimed
acrylic is my game.

I paint interesting people that interest me in groovy colors and sometimes you can see what theyre like on the inside, even though I only paint their outsides.